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    Dongying Binhai Heating Co., Ltd., as a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Jinling Group Co., Ltd., located in Binhai New Materials Park of Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone. After its foundation, in accordance with the overall energy plan of Dongying City, in order to guarantee the steam, heating and power supply of the central urban area, it actively invests in the construction of public cogeneration projects and builds 2x30 kilowatt thermal units and ancillary facilities, which are corporate-owned units, mainly to meet the current heating needs of the East New District and the Chemical Industry Park of Dongying City. The project uses extraction-condensing heat generating unit. The first-class design as well as the first-class equipment ensures the safe and stable operation of the entire unit, with low coal consumption, high efficiency and low pollution, which is conducive to protecting the regional environment, reducing energy consumption and promoting economic, social, and environmental development.


    Binhai thermal power plant

    Thermoelectric plant generating units

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