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    Jinling Small Loan Co., Ltd. is a small-credit company approved by Finance Office of, Shandong Province registered by the industrial and commercial administrative department of Dongying City, and co-funded by Shandong Jinling Group Co., Ltd., which serves as the main sponsor, four local business groups and a natural person. It deals with micro-credit, carries out business management consultation and financial consultation. The company strictly complies with the management methods of small loan companies to organize construction, adheres to the business philosophy of "honest and trustworthy, cooperative and win-win", focuses on the tenet of serving the development of small and medium enterprises, individual businesses and "three agricultures" (agriculture, rural areas and farmers), insists on the characteristics of "small, dispersed, convenient and fast", strictly follows the laws and regulations to standardize operation and conduct stable operation, in order to make an outstanding contribution to the steady and rapid development of SMEs and the economy of "three agricultures".

    Exteriors of Jinling Small Loan Co., Ltd.

    Jinling Small Loan Co., Ltd.

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