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    Jinling Real Estate Co., Ltd., is a company with limited liability mainly engaged in real estate development, property management, house rent, exhibition services, hotel management and consulting services, etc. After its foundation, the company develops and constructs Jinling International Hotel, Jinling Riverside Mansion Neighborhood, Jinling Yipin Neighborhood and other projects in the area beside Sunwu Lake of the East New District of Guangrao County. Jinling Riverside Mansion brings together the elegant residence and attractions, house living and travel, life and leisure. It is surrounded by blue water and green scenery, with the wind filling the air and the spectacular scenery spreading before your eyes. Waterscape garden features are fully rendered. You will have a panoramic view of endless luxuriant vegetation. Jinling Yipin inherits the styles of the scenery of Sunwu Lake, integrates French aesthetics and creates masterpieces. French townhouses, garden houses, and high-rise overlooking buildings, which are luxurious and elegant, reflect the charm of aristocratic life through the quality of buildings!


    Jinling Riverside Mansion Neighborhood

    Jinling Yipin Neighborhood

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    Add:Jinling International, No. 588, Fujia Road, Guangrao County, Dongying City, Shandong Province,China
    TEL:+86-0546-6882976 6881882 FAX:0546-6881882 WEBSITE:www.talifang.com
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